things that make me sad

these things turn my smile into a frown...haha
ghetto slang
busy phone lines
back stabbing
kim correcting my spelling
cold shoulder
and oh so much more, haha im a loser...
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hes shallow, shallow boy...

today was long and seemed endless and i bought some shit online last night including a one size too small pair of flats...not cool. Kim was absent again i missed her but shes coming tomorrow. oh tomorrow is an ltm day hell yes. wow why do people have crushes and like people who dont like them back it sucks and its depressing, oh well. haha bmw rocks my ass off
ever rising skyy: SHALLOW WAS ON TODAY.
zainabaina: loser freak and i think he likes boys if you know what im saying?
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valentines day massacre

Another depressing valentines day oh well ive grown to get used to it. my mom tried to be nice and got me juicy sandals i yelled at her to return them wtf materialistic i want a damn ipod not some JUICY shit. i got a flower from sara and kims flower was given to me cause she was absent how depressing?
broken flowers on valentines day are the worst.
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my moms a bitch

damn my mom she goes and lets my sister have a fucking juicy lacoste seven jeans shopping spree and i have to wait and beg for a damn ipod fuck that they are both materialistic bitches. i could care less about them anyway. not fair i wish i could get a job or something whatever there is nothing i can do i just threw my money on the ground in the fight and i dont know where it went haha.
my ipod fund=$0
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thank God its friday

wow the week is finally over. tonight kim is coming over and were gonna watch the notebook and the drive thru dvd with serges balls haha should be fun right now im getting my room to be kinda neat yet still messy ugh i hate it. kim wants to help with the design but i think thats the impossible.
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shows are awesome

today started out pretty bad with school and fcat. it was so gay but after school me kim and bob went to the show, take action tour to be exact it was so fun the early novmeber and hawthrone heights rocked my ass off. I LOVE SERGE i couldnt get my eyes off him the whole performance and hawthrone heights were awesome too. haha it was pretty funny i was gonna kill with the bare hands the fatty who wouldnt move infront of me and i got an awesome free beanie hell yes. we were front row and i got awesome pictures too freaking bad i didnt put on the damn FLASH. but i got home pretty late because of traffic but its all good im gonna sleep now.

ghetto conversation with jess.

XxXBabiGurIXxX [7:29 PM]: yo j money wha da sizzle ma nizzle?
CoUnTrYpEaR 143 [7:29 PM]: nothin dawg.. youizzle?
XxXBabiGurIXxX [7:29 PM]: chill in ma crib with ma niggas
XxXBabiGurIXxX [7:31 PM]: wha bout ya dawg?
CoUnTrYpEaR 143 [7:31 PM]: wha bout her
CoUnTrYpEaR 143 [7:31 PM]: don't fuck wit her yo
XxXBabiGurIXxX [7:33 PM]: fuck that i mess a nigga up me and ma skilets!
CoUnTrYpEaR 143 [7:33 PM]: skilets?
CoUnTrYpEaR 143 [7:33 PM]: wtf
CoUnTrYpEaR 143 [7:33 PM]: we are so white...
XxXBabiGurIXxX [7:33 PM]: heck yes we are!
CoUnTrYpEaR 143 [7:33 PM]: i gotta take a leak yo... hold up i be right ba
XxXBabiGurIXxX [7:34 PM]: k dawg!
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